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Sindhis Activities

CD on ancient song of Sindhu composed 7,000 years ago (English-Hindi-Sindhi version)

WASHINGTON, DC: AIS is pleased with the success of the CD on the Song of Sindhu Hindu in English and Hindi recorded in April 2006.

The CD has also been sent to Indian leadership from President to all Ministers and key politicians. Normally those in power have little time to pay attention to such matters. But introduction of the CD by Sindhi Ratan , Ram Jethmalani will certainly raise their curiosity to listen to the CD.

About a year and half back, the idea of producing CD in Sindhi language was proposed by Sindhi academics and others on and was strongly encouraged by its Editor Gobind Jhangiani. An amount of $325 was also collected towards initial cost for its production. Dilip Teckchandani of Sindhi Gulab made a notable Sindhi translation of the Song. Others also, notably, Shri Arjan Daswani presented his translation.

Sindhi Ratan Ram Jethmalani encouraged the project of recording the Song. AIS undertook the mission and completed the CD in Ehglish and Hindi within 30 days.
With the success of the CD in English and Hindi, the time has come to meet the wishes of Sindhi academics, scholars, and others to have the Song recorded in Sindhi Language as well.

AIS is responding to their appeal. The song is now translated in Sindhi and the celebrated Poet Prabhu Wafa has completed the Sindhi lyrics. Koshi Lalvani will be the singer. The CD with Sindhi Song will include introduction by Sindhu Ratan, Ram Jethmalani, the narration in English from Return of the Aryans and the song in Hindi The sample of introduction by Sindhu Ratan and Hindi song can be heard on (Link Music)

AIS invites Sindhi Community globally to pledge the purchase of the CD This project of English, Hindi and Sindhi version can be successful with prior commitment from members of the Sindhi Community. at the cost of $5.00 for each CD. After the release, the CD will be priced $8.00

We are hoping that the enthusiasm shown so far by Sindhi community for the Sindhi Song to be recorded as CD will truly be reflected by Sindhis pledging to purchase copies for themselves and their families and for presentation to their friends and associates. Largely, so far, the buyers of the CD in English/Hindi have been non-Sindhis but we are expecting that there will be demand from Sindhis for this CD in Sindhi as they have all along pressed for Sindhi version.

AIS sends out this earnest request to Sindhi community to support this project and send their pledges to purchase the CD.

Please register your order by e- mailing to [email protected] . Hope Sindhis will come forward and encourage completing the mission as early as possible. AIS is a non profit organization registered under Internal Revenue code (501 (3) (C) to carry out literary actives and contribution are deductible in the USA. If you wish us to send CDs to anyone on your behalf, do please let us know. Narain V.Hingorani, President,
July01, 2006.

MUMBAI: Mar, [Sindh Today Report] A Sindhi-Marathi dictionary compiled by Professor Lachman P. Hardwani has been launched which provides information on similarities words of the two languages. The new dictionary will be helpful for those who do not know either language. Now, they can communicate each other in a better way particularly in Maharashtra-state of India. The dictionary contains all type of words. [Sindh Today . Net, March 2002].

World renowned Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar was
big fan of Sindhi folksinger Mai Bhhagi
HYDERABAD: [Fida Hussain Qadri] It is learnt that world renowned Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar was fan of Sindhi folk female singer late Mai Bhaagi.

According to musician Amant Gul when his father renowned Sindhi music composer late Feroze Gul, met Lataji during his visit to India, Lataji requested Feroze Gul to sing some song which may symbolize music. 

On this, Feroze Gul sang "Khari Neem Kay Neechi, Hekhli" - a Thari song originally sung by Maai Bhhagi. Lataji told him that she was a big fan of Mai Bhaagi. She also called  her servant to bring stock of cassettes kept in the home. She selected different cassettes and showed to  Feroze Gul by saying I have kept full record of cassettes "Ammaan" (mother) Bhhagi as I am her fan
(27a06)[Sindh Today . Net, dt Feb 01-15, 2006].